Result of free testing CD903

Congratulations, the following 30 survey reviewer will get our CD903 CD player free! (SURVEY 20200717)

Last week, Hott conducted the latest market survey, which involved all aspects of Hott's products, services and improvements. We are very grateful to Hott's new or regular customers for their support of our survey work, and hereby promise to use the survey results for our later products and services.

Congratulations to the following 30 reviewer who will get Hott’s latest CD903 model free.

ta***** Diane D
mo***** Lira M
gn***** GREGORY P
Ph***** Paul H
nx***** Nash N
ed***** Linda M B
ck***** Charles K
sc***** Scott B
jo***** John S
sh***** Robert S
ga***** Gary L
m***** michael
cc***** Minor S
ck***** Kelly H
ri***** Brent R
ga***** Hyde
gr***** Timothy G
mc***** Richard 
ba***** Willaim B
jo***** John G
na***** Alfonso B
fi***** Bauer D
wh***** walt H
ro***** Nonye R O
Bi***** Bill M
ts***** Nancy H
jw***** JOEL L
ri***** Richard B
ts***** Anthony S
Rf***** Racquel F
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