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"HOTT portable CD players have attractive designs, especially the CD611 with cool wood grain; Besides, HOTT use the latest technique on portable CD player. including LCD display with backlight, FM transmit and Bluetooth connection. Our CD players have 5 EQ sound modes, so you can use different modes in different usage scenarios".


"The player give me a wonderful music listening experience, it has high quality music performance and it's suitable for playing album, audio-books and other bits of audio resources. Moreover, it is compatible with a wide range of files and sources, such as CD, MP3 disc, CD-R, CD-DA, CD-RW and CD WMA formats".

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"The high quality portable CD player will go alonge with you several years and let you enjoy
High-Fidelity records. This protable CD Player is compatible with most audio formats, including CD, CD-R, MP3, CD-RW AND WMA audio file with a fashionable silver color and a sleek design".


"What a great, affordable and quality piece of music playing equipment! HOTT makes sure that every customer can listen to all of your favorite music wherever you want".



HOTT founded in 1999 which is a manufacture focused on digital audio & video products field. We already have 20 years professional audio production experience. Since 2015, HOTT started development of portable CD player. HOTT is the first company used FM and Bluetooth to enhance portable CD players' connect function. Our R&D team will continue improving the function, appearance design and the sound quality all the products. We would like to offer a portable, user-friendly and high-fidelity music player to our members.

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